Cardiac Personal Trainer taking a clients pulse

Personal Training in Godalming Surrey

Personal Training that creates health and builds confidence

Personal training is the most effective way for you to reach your health and fitness goals and to develop a long-lasting exercise habit to help you to stay in great shape for years to come. Personal training and fitness services for those in Guildford, Godalming and Surrey.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Guildford

Personal Training for better heart health

Anyone who has had a diagnosis of coronary heart disease, is in recovery from cardiac surgery, or has been prescribed medications to manage a cardiac condition needs specialist support to safely return them to regular, effective exercise. I am a fully-qualified cardiac rehabilitation exercise instructor and have experience of working within the NHS cardiac programme. I provide clients with a detailed exercise programme, structured around their diagnosis and medical prescription, helping them to work through this difficult phase of their lives with confidence.

Live Stronger

Your personal training programme will build your physical strength and endurance, giving you the energy to make the most out of life.

Move Better

Our regular exercise sessions will not only transform your body but optimise your health and improve flexibility and coordination.

Build Confidence

Nothing builds confidence more than achieving a goal, particularly when it’s related to mastering physical challenges.

Exercise and fitness services in Godalming

Get the body you always thought impossible

Looking good, feeling good about yourself, and living a healthy life all go hand-in-hand. With my combined package of personal training and nutritional advice I help clients to shed the unwanted weight and tone-up the muscles to massively improve body confidence.

Clients doing bicep curls with Trainer Neil

"Each week Neil builds on what we did last week. Over the time he has motivated me to lose a noticeable amount of weight, and I am much more active and flexible. The dog now has problems keeping up with me!"

"Neil is a great coach. He’s very knowledgeable and very supportive and the most calm person I’ve ever met. His experience with cardiac rehab has been invaluable and so reassuring for me following my heart attack."

Bespoke Fitness services in Godalming

It’s time to move better, feel better, be better Godalming

The benefits of exercise for improved mental health are now more widely known and I can help you take advantage of this to reduce stress, boost everyday energy, sleep better and feel happier and more confident.

Training with The Complete Health Coach

I have developed a tried-and-trusted training structure, which helps clients to get the best out of our time together and achieve results quickly.

Initial Consultation

A phone call where you tell me what you want to achieve and I outline how we will get there.

Health Screening

I ask you about your health history, any diagnosed medical conditions, prescription medications, and longstanding injuries.

Custom Training and Exercise Programming

From the consultation and health screening, I put together an exercise programme tuned to your specific goals and current health status.

1 hour Training Sessions

This is an ideal length of time to get through an effective workout, which includes a structured warm up, cool down, and time for feedback and questions.

Form Assesment and Coaching

I am really conscientious about making sure that my clients execute all of the techniques correctly to give them the best chance of avoiding injury and making progress

Custom Training and Exercise Programming

My workout programmes start by focusing on strength so that clients can build up a foundation of fitness so they can add more intensity and training volume as they progress.

Personal training pricing and packages

Your investment for training, nutrition and a total health transformation

Clients can choose from the personal training plan, the nutritional advice plan, or the best value Lifestyle Transformation, which combines the two.

Personal training

£40/ session
*includes 10 sessions totaling £400

  • Initial telephone consultation
  • Health screening
  • 10 x 1-hour personal training sessions
  • A fully guided and bespoke personal training programme
  • Recommendations for additional exercises between sessions
  • Feedback and progress reports

£49.50/ session
*includes 10 sessions totaling £495

  • Initial health consultation, body composition measurements, and goal setting
  • 10 x 60min 1-2-1 healthy eating-themed workshops
  • 2 food diary assessment and recommendations for dietary improvements
  • Structured meal planning advice
  • Curated recommendations for further reading and viewing
  • Support via WhatsApp in-between workshops
  • Course text book with amazing plant-based recipes
Your all-in-one “everything you will ever need” Exercise and Nutrition Lifestyle package, designed specifically to help you accelerate and acheive your goals in half the time.

Are you looking for information for my nutritional services? – click here

A personal training programme will help you to improve fitness and muscle tone at the same time as boosting your mental health and confidence, but if you want to lose a significant amount of weight and reduce your risk of developing chronic lifestyle diseases then you need to eat a healthy diet as well. That’s where my nutritional advice comes in.

Got a question before you get started?

Are you excited by what you’ve read, but still not ready to make that call?  Take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions section for more detailed information.

Why should I choose to work with a personal trainer rather than go to the gym?

The main reasons for choosing a personal trainer are that they will:

  • Create a programme that is tailored to your fitness level and goals so it’s more effective.
  • Take into account any health issues that affect your ability to exercise.
  • Motivate you to train regularly by booking in sessions each week.
  • Push you to do more by steadily increasing the volume and intensity of the training week by week.
  • Make sure that you execute the exercises with correct technique so that you avoid injury.
What improvements in health and fitness can I expect?

Regular exercise has been shown to result in the following improvements in health:

  • Increased aerobic fitness and less breathlessness when undertaking everyday tasks.
  • Increased muscular strength.
  • Better coordination and balance.
  • Improved muscle tone and body shape..
  • Decreased body fat.
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower risk of developing many chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease and diabetes.
  • Improved mental health, lower stress levels, greater self-confidence.
  • Better sleep.
How will I know that my personal trainer is qualified and insured?

If required, I can provide you with certificates for all of my qualifications.

Will you take my current health status into account?

Yes.  Prior to our first organised session I will send you a lifestyle consultation form which includes questions on your longstanding and recent health conditions, including any medications that you are taking. 

Will you take my exercise likes and dislikes into account?

Yes, you will have the chance to tell me which types of exercise you prefer and which you don’t.  If you don’t like running, I won’t make you!

Do I have to be fit to do personal training?

No.  I am experienced in working with clients who are unfit, overweight, and/or are suffering from chronic medical conditions.  I make sure that the first few sessions are low intensity so that clients don’t suffer from post-exercise muscle soreness.  We then build on the volume and intensity of the training as you get fitter and stronger.

Am I likely to get injured?

Injuries do happen from time to time, but I will minimise the chance of you getting injured by planning exercises of suitable intensity for your fitness level and by making sure that you execute all exercises with excellent technique. 

How intense are the personal training sessions?

I always plan the level of intensity of personal training sessions to be appropriate for the client’s current fitness level.  As a rule of thumb, the intensity of the training sessions increases by 5% week-on-week.

Which areas do you operate in?

I am based in Shalford, Guildford and work in an area within a 15-minute drive of Shalford.  I may be able to travel to clients who live further away than this, but the cost of the sessions will increase to take into account my extra travel time.

Where do personal training sessions take place?

I am happy to travel to a client’s house or work with them in a nearby park.

Can I do a trial session before I commit to a package of 10 sessions?

Yes.  Potential clients who want to book a trial session can do so for a cost of £50.  As well as the session itself, this price includes the time taken in our initial phone consultation, my analysis of your lifestyle consultation form, and in planning the exercises for the first session.  Clients who want to then book the remaining 9 sessions in the 10-session block can do so for a cost of £300.

Can I pay session by session?

No.  Apart from the trial session at £50, clients are asked to pay for a block of 10 sessions at £400.

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